It’s surprisingly easy to get rid of stiff neck!

When asked about the “pain” that plagues many modern people, “stiff neck” is mentioned alongside stiff shoulders and headaches.

Until now, stiff shoulders due to aging have been a typical example of pain, but with the spread of desk work using PCs and mobile phones and smartphones, stiff neck has become a national illness regardless of age or gender. I am.

And even a temporary stiff neck becomes a chronic stiff neck if left untreated, which not only promotes the symptoms of stiff neck, but also promotes physical distortion, impairs mental hygiene, and causes internal organ disorders. It also leads to things like that.

What are the causes of this scary neck stiffness, and what can be done to eliminate it?

Mechanism of modern society that causes neck stiffness

As I wrote at the beginning, in modern times, the use of “eyes” has increased dramatically due to the spread of PC work and mobile phones. This is not the same as it used to be.

Firefly light, window snow … Reading in such dim natural light can certainly be a factor that makes your eyes tired, but the light of “blue light” that is prevalent in modern times is the degree of fatigue. It is said that it is the strongest in human history.

It is not clear how the effects will come out because the human eye has not been exposed to blue light for a long time, but the increased use of these digital devices will certainly make it possible. The number of people suffering from stiff neck and stiff shoulders is increasing rapidly.

And the scary thing is that the stiff neck caused by these things is not just a stiff muscle around the neck, it can lead to nausea and cause severe headaches.

However, in modern times it is difficult to live a life that is already separated from digital devices, so temporary neck stiffness quickly develops into chronic neck stiffness.

If possible, take early measures against stiff neck

When the neck is stiff, such as “I have a slight neck stiffness today”, people try to eliminate the stiffness by loosening the neck a little in the bath or turning the neck around.

This is by no means a bad way, it’s a natural and straightforward way.

However, if your neck becomes stiff or chronic, you should seek medical attention early and get a compress prescribed.

If you can’t visit a medical institution right away, you can use a manipulative treatment or an acupuncture clinic, so it is important to take some measures to prevent the neck from becoming stiff for a long time.

Stiff neck is often caused by muscle upset around the neck, but if left untreated, it may not be a muscle-only problem.

The neck, like the waist, is a key human organ. Once you’ve hurt yourself a lot, it can be a pain in your life.

People who have chronic neck pain, as well as those who visit this site for temporary neck pain relief, can use the information on the site to eliminate neck pain as much as possible and have a high quality every day. I hope it helps you to send it.